Disclosing Solution

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Disclosing tablets or solution is used to expose plaque, and can help you and your child see where the plaque is located. 

These agents are quite harmless and contain a vegetable dye that stains any areas of plaque on your teeth.
A tablet is thoroughly chewed and swished around the teeth and gums for maximum coverage and then rinsed out. 
Alternatively, solution is painted on to the teeth using a cotton bud then rinsed away with a mouthful of water.  Solution is the agent of choice as it is quick and easy and works better than the tablets.
Any areas of the mouth remaining pink or blue after rinsing are places plaque is present!

More on Disclosing Solutions:
Because plaque is forming continuously on the teeth a light pink stain may show up. This is okay. You are looking for dark or thick pink staining which indicates plaque has been present for longer than 12 hours. 
This thick plaque will lead to cavities forming and inflammation of the gums; the start of gum disease.
Use your disclosing agent before brushing your teeth to see exactly where the plaque is or after brushing to see the places you missed. Â If you use it regularly you will soon discover the plaque spots you frequently miss.

Eventually, your brushing skill will improve to the point where you will be able to brush all the plaque away without the use of a plaque disclosing agent.
Disclosing agents are available from the chemist. Please supervise the use of disclosing agents as it can stain clothing.  

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