Scrumptious snack ideas for kids

Are you seeking solutions to the ongoing dilemma of what to feed those hungry mouths between meals?
Growing children often require more energy than they can get from three meals a day, which is why healthy snacks are a smart way for them to get the nutrients they need to grow, play, and learn. 
Without realising it, children are developing food habits which may last a lifetime, so we want to set them on the right course early with a healthy variety of foods for healthy teeth and body alike.


Sensational snack ideas ...

• Take a six-cupcake tin and put a different treat in each spot.
• Choices can include cheese cubes, mixed nuts, fruit segments, grapes, yoghurt, crackers, cereal clusters, plain popcorn, Japanese rice cracker mix, booja mix, chopped raw vegetables -
Kids love a wide selection to pick and choose from.
• Make Fruit and cheese kebabs using toothpicks as skewers.  Thread fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, grapes and a cheese of your choice - the choices are endless.
• Kids love to "dunk", so why not try a selection of baby carrots or carrot sticks, cheese, baby corn, pretzels, corn chips,celery sticks, cheese sticks, and a yummy salsa, hummus or yoghurt dip for kids to dip to their hearts content - mother nature made celery with a dipping groove perfectly suited for, hummus or cottage cheese.
• Put away extra servings of last nights dinner for snacks, a slice of pizza, a cup of soup, cold meatballs, make bubble & squeak patties with leftovers.
• Cheerios and tomato sauce - always a favourite.
• Mousetraps - a slice of thick toast, spread with marmite or vegemite and covered with grilled cheese, great eaten either hot or cold.  Another mousetrap variation -  sprinkle sesame seeds onto the marmite and bake in the oven.  Cut into soldiers.  Keeps fresh in the tins for ages.
• Yoghurt and banana smoothies are a yummy filling liquid snack.  Don’t be restricted to just bananas, any fruit in season is good.
• Ham and cheese rolls.  Spread a slice of bread with a favourite flavour cheese spread topped with a slice of ham and roll up like a sausage.
• Make up Mini pizza’s using small pita bread or rice crackers as bases.  Topping choices are endless.
• Extra sugarfree chewing gum.  Not only tastes great but also stimulates the saliva to wash away any food debris.
• Fruit salad - fresh or tinned fruits can be used for a delicious fruit cocktail.
• Hard-boiled eggs.  Faces can be drawn on the shell with a felt pen for a novelty.
• Toasted pita bread cut into wedges is delicious.  In particular the garlic or olive ones.
• Poppadoms. 1 minute in the microwave and served with chutney or yoghurt dip.

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