Your Child's First Visit

What you can do to prepare your child   


To prepare your child for their first visit to this practice we suggest the following:

  • Talk to your child about the forthcoming visit in a positive, matter of fact way.
  • Explain to your child they will have a ride in the dental chair and have their teeth counted.
  • Avoid words like ‘needle’, ‘it won't hurt’, as this suggests it might hurt, and children often only remember the word ‘hurt’
Passive observers

Kidz-Teeth Consult RoomIf parents are present in the surgery during consultation, we invite them to be ‘passive observers’. This allows the dental staff to capture the child’s complete attention.

It is preferred parents are not present in the surgery during treatment (depending of course upon their age and their emotional, and physical development).

Parents may watch us work through our glass doors or relax in the waiting room.  This allows better trust to develop between the dental team and patient.

We consider the child to be an individual in his or her own right.  We aim to show children that as they mature they can deal with minor stress by themselves.

Good dentistry demands the undivided attention of the dentist, assistant and the patient. An anxious parent often provides an unhelpful distraction.

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