Subsequent Visits 

Oral Hygiene Visit

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As part of our specialist practice, one of the most important appointments will be an oral hygiene appointment.  We believe in educating and helping to build a preventive programme for all our patients.  Despite placing fillings and having your child’s teeth ‘all fixed up’, without good oral hygiene and care no restoration will last. 

Our oral hygiene visit is a separate 45 minute appointment where you and your child are given appropriate information depending on their dental development and caries risk.  A saliva test may be performed if required.  This test helps to identify the quality (acidity) and quantity of your child’s saliva.  How to brush and floss properly as well as dietary information are also provided. 

Research shows developing good dental habits at an early age prepares children for a lifetime of ‘easy’ dentistry.   Feedback from many parents regarding the hygiene visit is that they have learnt many new handy tips and information to help their child.  We hope you and your child enjoy this service.

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