Anterior Strip Crowns

Anterior Strip Crowns are used to restore broken down front teeth or teeth with decay on multiple surfaces. 

The crowns help ‘seal’ the underlying tooth from acid attacks and reduce the chance of developing further decay on the tooth.  The crowns are made of white composite filling material.  The tooth surface is prepared to specific dimensions and then the crown is carefully fitted over the existing tooth.

The success of these crowns depends on how much good tooth structure is available to place the crowns onto.  If the child traumatises the teeth/crowns (falls over), there is a risk of the crown breaking or an abscess forming.

Anterior crowns need good preventive care and regular monitoring by the dentist.

Step 1



Decayed anterior teeth in a 3 year old with a history of sipping a bottle of milk at night.

Step 2


Once decay removed, the tooth is prepared and trimmed.  Celluloid crown forms selected and adapted to fit over remaining tooth surface. 

Step 3



Composite material placed inside crown form. 

The crown form is removed once the underlying composite is “set” with a curing light.

The crown form removed and composite polished.

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