Restorations (Tooth coloured)

Homecare Tips:  Tips to help maintain fillings

With all forms of treatment the most important aspect of maintenance is homecare.  This reduces the risk of decay starting around margins and fillings. This involves maintaining minimal plaque levels by effective brushing, flossing and reducing frequency of sugary/acidic foods and drinks. 

Sealants and fillings will wear down as your child naturally grows and with normal use (chewing).  Grinding can increase the wear rate.  During our regular visits, sealants and fillings are examined under magnifying glasses and areas of wear noted.  If necessary, additional sealant or white restoration coverage may be required.

We advise:

  • Avoid hard sticky foods, such as, Roll ups, toffees, minties – these a sweet and sticky and wear down restorations quickly
  • Maintain regular twice daily tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing to avoid decay starting around the edge of the filling and on new teeth surfaces
  • Give Paracetomol if your child experiences discomfort – especially if a crown has been placed.  Some children feel discomfort when the numbness starts to wear away.
  • Supervise your child if the lip is numb.  Try to avoid them lip biting and causing an ulcer.
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