General Anaesthesia

Commonly asked questions

How will my child be put to sleep?

By gently placing a strawberry or bubblegum smelling mask over your child's nose and mouth and anaesthetic gas is breathed in which puts your child to sleep.

Can my child eat before the operation? 

No.  Your child is not allowed to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to the treatment.  Appointments are in the morning so young children do not have to go without food during the day.  The youngest child is usually first on the list.

How long will the treatment take? 

This depends on how many teeth need treatment.  Generally, if 6-8 teeth need some form of treatment an average time is 1-1.5 hours.  If the same treatment was to be conducted in the dental surgery, it would take 4-5 appointments totally 4-5 hours.

Will my child be in much pain after? 

Most children are not in pain, as we place some local anaesthetic around treated teeth.  However, some children interpret this numbness as pain.  Paracetomol is given prior to operation and should be continued at home if needed.  The paediatric dentist will advise you accordingly.

How will my child wake up after the treatment?

Most children are quiet and sleepy.  Some are disorientated and crying.  Generally they settle down after 30 minutes and want to go home to sleep.  The theatre staff are trained to help this recovery stage. 

Can I be present during the treatment? 

You are welcome to accompany your child into theatre while he/she is being put to sleep.  Usually your child will sit on your lap while you cuddle him/her.  Once they are asleep you will be taken into the waiting room to have a hot drink and then taken to see your child in the recovery room after treatment.

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