Treatment Management Options

Treatment may be conducted with the following:

Local Anaesthetic in the Dental Chair

Local anaesthetic is used to block nerve conduction so painful stimuli are inhibited.  Topical anaesthetic gel, which comes in a variety of flavours, is placed on the surface of the soft tissues so placement of the anaesthetic is more comfortable.

We currently do not use the traditional syringe which is extremely fear-provoking
for children and can be uncomfortable to place.  Our technique involves using
The Wand™”.  This is a computerised local anaesthetic delivery system which delivers local anaesthetic at a fixed tissue: pressure ratio.  This means that placing local anaesthetic is even more comfortable and the plastic hand piece looks like a “wand” which is visually more appealing.

The numb feeling from local anaesthetics generally last between 1-1½ hours so it is important that your child does not chew their lip or tongue during this time.  The local anaesthetic we use is 2% Xylocaine with adrenaline 1:80,000. 

We will describe giving the local anaesthetic to your child, please do not use words such as “injection”, “needle”, “hurt”, etc.

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