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Local Anaesthesia – A comfortable approach

The Wand™  Treatment Management - The Wand

Current research shows that reducing a child’s or adult’s anxiety will increase their pain threshold. One of the most fear provoking aspects of dentistry is having local anaesthesia for the patient and stressful for the dentist.  Since May 2004, we have been using a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system.  This means giving injections is more comfortable and the plastic hand-piece is less threatening in appearance than the traditional syringe.

The Wand™ – is used to place local anaesthetic at a very slow flow rate.  The computer controls this flow rate and the pressure of the fluid.  Injecting local anaesthetic solution very slowly reduces tissue distension and leads to a more comfortable injection with less post operative pain.  The hand-pieces are disposable, this also minimises the risk of needle stick injury to our staff when dissembling.   Children who have had the traditional injection in the past and then the Wand, have all responded positively to the Wand and prefer this method. 

Dr Vasan is involved in teaching and hands on Wand demonstrations to other dentists.

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